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Kaposmenti Landfill Recultivation Program - Second part of the project
KEOP 2.3.0./2F/09-2010-0003

Dear Visitor,

In the previous decades of centuries people often depended on the rules of the environment and assigned his economical ambitions to it. Now when it becomes difficult to find fresh and clean air or healthy environment nowadays in our Earth, it is important to implement projects with a special attendance on environmental protection, sustainability and recycling.

The Kaposmenti Municipal Waste Management Association was established to take steps in the field of environmental protection. The Association recultivated 28 landfills in 2013 with the financial support of the European Union and State of Hungary. Thanks to that now you can find green hills instead of dirty trash hills. But we still have a lot to do! In our current project we will recultivate 36 more landfills. The planning process is finished, implementation started in this October, and will be finished in November according to our plans. To the best of my belief, that our project will contribute to a cleaner, healthier and greener environment in Kaposvár and its surrounding.

Kind regards,

Károly Szita

Dear Visitor!

One of the most important question of our life is how to handle our resources provided by our Earth. We can just live up our nature’s treasures and simply drop it away after, or we can be conscious and recycle as much waste as we can with the help of science to use them again and again. We tend to forget that our most significant resources are the human mind, knowledge, and wisdom, and our ability to cooperate and live for the community.

This knowledge incorporates in the ZALAISPA Waste Management Association founded by 281 member municipalities. In case of this project consortium we can continue the recultivation of 11 landfills started in our previous project. Thanks to the current situation of science we have the knowledge to preserve the clean environment and beauty nature of West-Balaton and the cove of River Zala.

Kind regards,

Endre Dékán
head of Association
ZALAISPA Waste Management Association

Dear Visitor,

The Kaposmenti Municipal Waste Management Association with the membership of 118 Municipalities, was founded in 2005 to create a modern waste management system, and to recultivate the abandoned landfills of the member settlements, with the help of European Union funds.  Main targets of the recultivation project are to terminate the pollutant emission, and to establish a biological area can be taken back by the nature.

We are proud that as a result of Municipalities cooperation, we recultivated 28 landfills in 2013, and in this new project we are recultivating 36 more of them. Our projects helps to protect our under waters and the whole environment. As the leader of this program, I would like to say thank you for your interest and please share your thoughts and ideas to make our work even better!

Kind regards:

Katalin Kovács
head of Association
Kaposmenti Municipal Waste Management Association

What happens to our waste mountains?

A left solid waste disposal without technical protection flaunts near the border almost every settlement’s in Hungary.


What does recultivation means?

It is necessary to clarify the meaning of recultivation, since it is a relatively new concept. Basically recultivation means to bring back to production an area damaged by human activities.


Detailed description of the pogram

The Kaposmenti Municipal Waste Management Association recultivated 28 landfills by the end of 2014.


Our Partners

In order to achieve Kaposmenti Landfill recultivation program of the Association entered into a contract for the following activities


The role and the core activities of the Association based on the Association Agreement

The local government forming the association made contract for the solution of the management of solid waste within their administrative region in which task the affected settlements’ municipalities are especially interested.


About the beneficiary

The ZALAISPA Waste Management Association was founded in 26.10.2015. with the membership of 281 municipalities, with the cooperation of three counties (Vas, Zala and Somogy).